Training Tips from Successful Franchisees

How the pros do it – every day in every way Training employees can be challenging for new franchisees who have never operated their own business before. While they come […]

How to be Well Equipped for Funding Growth

According to the IFA’s Franchise Education and Research Foundation, the Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2018 (TCIA) is having a positive impact on the future growth of the franchise […]

Franchising with Financial Partners

Previously, we discussed franchising without any financial partners. Today we look at ways for entrepreneurs without their own capital resources to get into the game. Lack of available capital has […]

What’s New in Franchise Financing for 2018

To the outsider, franchising may appear static. However, to those of us who specialize in this sector, we know that franchising is constantly changing and evolving. These evolutions not only […]

5 Tips on Financing a Franchise

When it comes to financing a franchise, you have several options to choose from—withdrawing funds from your retirement account, small business administration loans, financing through the franchisor, home equity loans/second […]

5 Franchise Industries to Invest in (That Aren’t Fast Food)

More often than not, when we think about franchises we immediately think of fast food restaurants like Subway, McDonald’s, or Dunkin’ Donuts. However, with more than 750,000 franchises currently in […]

The Different Types of Franchises

Buying a franchise gives individual owners, known as franchisees, the right to use a company’s name and branding while selling its products and services. Business Format Franchises The most common […]

Break Free from Corporate Life Through Franchising

Even if you have had a long and successful corporate career, many people find themselves longing for something more. If you find yourself feeling not quite satisfied with your current […]

How an S Corporation Saves Franchisees Money

Whether you’re buying an existing franchise or taking your own business and turning it into one, franchisees know that it’s a requirement to incorporate a franchise. While LLCs and Corporation […]

Consider the following issues for prospective franchisors

Franchising is a very popular way to expand one’s business these days. A prospective franchisor however is cautioned to address the following nonexhaustive list of issues when considering whether to […]